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In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our hardwood floors, selecting hardwood flooring and installing hardwood floors. Each manufacture we represent has a section at the bottom of this page, click and explore each web site for the most frequently asked questions, each has a slightly different perspective and very interesting answers.

Can you explain the different kinds of hardwood flooring?

What is the difference between laminate and wood flooring? — Laminate flooring consist of a thin film of wood imitation glued over a panel composed of high-density compressed wood particles (fibers). The result is a floor that, despite looking like wood, cannot be sanded, and therefore limits its longevity. Hardwood flooring consists of a hardwood wear layer, whether it is solid or engineered. This results in a natural-looking floor, with a real hardwood surface that can be sanded, stained and varnished several times and that may be adjusted to your changing taste overtime. Its longevity is virtually unlimited if it is properly maintained.

Solid Wood Flooring — This is made up from 100% wood, thickness can range from 12mm up to 21mm and comes in an array of species with the most popular being Oak, Siberian Birch, Hickory, Maple, Ash, Walnut and many Exotic species from South America. Most solid wood floors can be nailed down through the groove at a 35 degree angle or can be fully glued to the floor.

Engineered Flooring — This is made up from several different layers all of which are laid on top of each other at about 90 degree angles which stops the wood from expanding. Both the bottom and middle layer often consists of some kind of hardwood and on top of this is a layer of real hardwood which can range in thickness from between 1.5mm and 4mm. Overall, the thickness of structured flooring can range from 10mm to 15mm & can be laid in several ways (glue down, nail down, floating).

Unfinished Flooring — This is when the flooring comes with no finish at all just the natural wood it is recommended that you apply either an oiled or lacquered finish to this type of floor after installation.

Pre-finished Flooring — (or finishing) discribes hardwood which is factory finished usually containing several layers of lacquer and a few layers of Aluminum Oxide to guaranty added protection from every day wear & tear.

Oiled Flooring — This is when the surface of the hardwood floor is finished with several layers of special oil, this gives the floor protection while allowing the natural beauty of the floor to come out, oiled floors will need regular maintenance or re-applying of the oil.

Another Question?

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