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Specializing in Bamboo flooring, Higuera Hardwoods is a leader in this eco-conscious & competitive category. Environmentally-friendly bamboo products are both stocked and sold – including flooring, moulding, stair parts, veneers & plywood with great attention paid to quality, performance & colour-consistency throughout production.

Their Grade-A bamboo product lines and distribution system have been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council and are recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council – with Higuera Hardwoods being one of the premiere companies in both the US & Canada to offer a certified bamboo product line.

Higuera Hardwoods bamboo products are created for hardwood flooring, mouldings, stair parts, custom cabinets, furniture and much more. The species of bamboo which Higuera uses exclusively is known as Moso.

Moso bamboo is grown in the South Eastern region of China in the mountains and is harvest from 6-7 years. It is considered the hardest of all bamboo species, and is also the most commonly used for flooring purposes, recognized for its incredible value and ease of installation and milling capabilities and overall quality.

Bamboo paneling is no different then many other types of plywood’s; it can be cut and sanded using most conventional woodworking equipment. Our bamboo is produced with a low resin with an open grained material that takes stains and finishes exceptionally well, if you would like to stain it we have found an aniline dye works best. Bamboo can also be glued and/or fastened using the same materials commonly used with standard wood products.

Bamboo panel products are available in both a Carbonized (darker) and Natural (light) tone and a Neapolitan tone. This material is laminated to produce the two different surface grains of horizontal or vertical. The vertical grain appears as 1/4" strips for the surface and our horizontal grain pattern is very unique as we offer a 2" wide bamboo strip on the surface of the panels.

We are pleased to offer finish grade material on both sides of our paneling.

LEED® Credits
Credit EQ 4.1, Low Emitting Materials: Indicating adhesive agent contains low voc adhesive.
EQ 4.4: No added urea formaldehyde
MR 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR7: Certified Wood (FSC)

Whether you are planning a home remodel or a commercial retail expansion, we have the finest bamboo material to do your job.

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